Civil Concepts mission is to go beyond our client’s expectations utilizing the work of our professional staff and implementing state of the art technology we effectively provide unbiased, accurate and thorough solutions in the most effective and timely manner.

We believe that our uniquely qualified staff of engineers distinguish Civil Concepts from our competitors. Civil Concepts professional staff is comprised mostly of professionals who also have extensive engineering, construction and technical expertise; this mix allows our engineers to provide building consultant services and incorporate cost effective repair methodologies into our engineering solutions.

It is easy to evaluate straightforward claims right; the real challenge is to represent your clients on the most difficult claims; claims with missing pieces; claims with the most aggressive opposition, the claims that others will settle for the least resistance; simply, these are the claims where Civil Concepts transcends. We ask the questions others lack the experience or are afraid to ask. We at Civil Concepts separated ourselves from all others and earned our reputation in the industry by going beyond, explaining our fact-based conclusions in an unbiased, accurate and thorough manner.