If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then what is the worth of a 4D Model?

Our 4D Model is based on linking components of a 3D Model with the corresponding activities within the Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule, creating a 3D visual of the events, not only as a function of time (time being the 4th dimension) but as a function of the actual CPM schedule time, that includes delays, constraints and resource utilization.

Civil Concepts created the following 4D Model of the builders risk claim for the Hoover Dam Bypass – Cableway System Collapse insured by a market of two. During the claim reconciliation process, Civil Concepts noted that many of the stakeholders in the room did not have a clear understanding of the project or the actual scope of damages. In addition, the construction of contract work continued during the removal and replacement of the damaged cableway system leading to the possible mixing of cost for ongoing contract work with builders risk repair work. As a result, we created a 4D Model of the Hoover Dam Bypass construction, starting from the date of cableway system collapse, through repair stages and up to completion of contract work. In addition, our 4D Model inked all claim documents, time sheets, daily reports and filed photos to the corresponding schedule activity/3D component making it easy to reconcile the audit of the claimed cost.

The following is an in depth video demonstrating the power and application of our 4D Model.