Civil Concepts provides Expert Witnesses (Professional Engineers, Certified Roofing Consultants, etc.), Expert Reports (written and verbal) and Visual Explanation (3D and 4D Modeling, etc.)

Civil Concepts is dedicated to providing litigation expert services in the areas of investigative engineering, construction and subrogation claims.

Our staff of engineers and building consultants boasts years of experience in preparing construction and subrogation litigation arguments. Civil Concepts assists its clientele in identifying the most technically advanced tools to visually present the evidence.

By combining our state of the art technical expertise with our engineering and building consulting staff, Civil Concepts provides a dispute resolution and litigation experience with the most complete and unique team available.

In 2017, one of our expert staff served as the appraiser representing a large commercial insurance carrier (in an appraisal process) on a disputed claim of hail damage to the roof over a motor cycle dealership in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We performed joint site inspections with the umpire (judge) and opposing appraiser, we drafted expert reports stating our position that the roof was not damaged by hail and responded to all of the opposing arguments. Ultimately, the judges award was based 100% on the unbiased, accurate and thorough position that Civil Concepts defended throughout the process.