We are here to assist, anytime. Civil Concepts has structural, civil, and mechanical engineers as well a Certified Roofing Consultant with extensive hail assessment experience.

For example, Mr. Michael Bourget oversees our CAT hail response efforts. Many of you know that Mr. Bourget is a Certified Commercial Roof Inspector and can develop repair cost estimates if needed.

All the Civil Concepts staff and resources are available to assist you right away with any structural, roofing, AC or building hail damages.


Tip for Determining FEMA Flood Map Rating

If the map above does not make a lot a of sense, then this TIP is for you.

Thanks to an active El Nino we have all had a busy FLOOD season. Determining if the property lands within the Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) is often critical, but can be tricky as the FEMA Flood Rating terminology (see above) does not often translate well to policy language.

Several of our clients have found the following tip to be very helpful in this translation:

The Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) is identified on the Flood Insurance Rate Map as Zones A, AE, AH, AO, AR, V, VE or A99.


We wanted to remind our clients and colleagues that that the application of a coating system is an acceptable and often cost effective method of repair to a metal roof that was impacted, but not structurally or functionally damaged by hail. However, it is imperative that the coatings recommendation is based on a properly designed system and installation methodology.

It should be noted that there are codes and standards that should be followed in order to guide the design and installation of coatings systems to repair (and extend the life of) a metal roof.

For example, we at Civil Concepts base our coatings recommendations on the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC), Handbook 1110. This is the same guide used by the US Army Corp of Engineers.

The following article includes an extensive discussion on the benefits of using a coating system to repair or extend the life of a metal roof.

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